“Lorain, Please Let Me Go!”: A Documentary About The Murder Case Of Al Monday & Shakim Bio, Inspirations For The Movie ‘Belly’

This is a documentary about the Queens street legend, Shakim Bio (government name John Edwards). He is currently serving time in Ohio for a murder he claims he did not commit. He was in the Al Monday case in Ohio. The hood classic film, Belly, is based on them. As explained by Seth Ferranti in VICE, Monday was portrayed by DMX as “Buns” and “Knowledge” was supposed to be Shakim.

The following is a description of the documentary, Lorain, Please let Me Go! by Youtuber Gregory Martin:

You’ve heard “Free this person” “Free that person” a million times, right? Most often, people say that but the person they are advocating for actually committed the crime they are locked up for. Well, imagine being wrongfully convicted of murder, being sentenced to 20 years to life in prison but you are innocent… I hear you “yea yea sure you’re innocent, that’s what they ALL say”. Right? NO… you are REALLY 100% INNOCENT but the system is tricky and there is seemingly nothing you can do to get out of prison. Watch this story about four friends from NY, who went to Lorain, Ohio in the late 80’s – early 90’s, to sell drugs. They got a lot of money to support their dreams of becoming rappers but they were also accused, indicted and convicted of murder. It is well known that they are innocent but the Judicial System won’t let them go. This video includes an exclusive interview from prison with one of the four co-defendents, who reveals some very true and interesting details about the situation and details what it feels like to be voiceless while serving his 26th year behind bars for a gruesome crime he and his friends took no part in. These men are fighting to go home. Please watch, like and share. Thank you

Watch here to see the documentary on Detroit entrepreneur and convicted kingpin T. Stuckey.

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