Mother’s Love Drives Woman To Arrange Witness Murders To Keep Her Son Free

Some say that a distressed mother is able to lift a car if her child is trapped under it. Mothers all over will go above and beyond for their children, but one case out of St. Louis concerning maternal rescue is more troubling than most.

It all started in 2013 when 16-year-old Chuancey Brown was shot and killed. The authorities allege that Tyrell Davidson (then also 16 and rival of Brown’s) pulled the trigger. However, initially, prosecutors had to drop the case because key witnesses, 16-year-olds Noah Barnes and James Moore turned up dead. Moore was shot as he waited for the school bus.

However, now the prosecution believes it has a case against Davidson and others, especially his mother, Latashia Mopkins. Mopkins allegedly arranged the hits on Barnes and Moore to keep her son free. The hitmen were her bother, Cortez McClinton; her nephew, Fredrick Mopkins and another man named Travon Knighten.

A grand jury has indicted Davidson on murder charges. Two of the conspirators are already locked up o serious charges.

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