N.O.R.E Tells Why Nas And JAY-Z Never Been To Drink Champs

In recent years, few podcasts have made more of an impact on hip-hop culture than Drink Champs. Legendary emcee Noreaga and Miami’s DJ EFN bring out some great behind-the-scenes stories from some of the greats that the rap game has produced, while swilling a variety of booze. Some have been wondering why rap icons Nas and JAY-Z have never been on the Revolt show, given that N.O.R.E has a history with both. In this video, N.O.R.E explains why Nas has never made an appearance.

Watch an episode of NORE’s new food show, ‘On The Run Eatin,’ here.

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  1. Walter Tucker

    Dont let this show go away nore you could host anything!cuff the fans !!+people count like votes,talk about husband wives ,saveing money,biblical 100 we need to discuss,,,lives in respect mann! people think rappers dumb,,😒i dont think so,come on nore and dj !!E,,lets pop drink champ off ,,Beside nore u brought pharell!!Dog U the i dont curse but u know my dog,Yo funny nore,

  2. I really love drink champ show !Nore is the best aswell as dj eff!So so kool show! like my self from the 90 ”yrs lots of info nore bring to the table insight about things fans never knew and he’s a real dude!about that past life !!really drink champ should invite fans to comecon the show to talk about anything concerning hip hop and charge like concerts sit chat ask fans question laugh see if they could rap and just have fun make history !!!No question hip hop hall of fame!!serious bratha,,

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