Narcos In Real Life: Footage Of A Massive 1984 Cocaine Seizure In Colombia

More than likely, you know that Colombia was the world’s cocaine capital for a long time. As depicted in the acclaimed Netflix series Narcos, the 1980’s were a specifically volatile time when it came to the white.

The footage above is from March 20, 1984. The Associated Press describes what is happening:

The Colombian government seized between 10 and 12 tons of cocaine on March 20 following the discovery of several cocaine manufacturing factories in the bush in the province of Caqueta. The previous week, the authorities had confiscated about 12 tons of the drug and arrested 40 people during a raid on a laboratory. A police spokesman said that documents captured during the raid showed an alliance between Columbia’s powerful drug mafia and armed rebel groups. The military authorities have introduced strict security measures in Florencia, the capital of the area, including extensive body searches and baggage checks at the airport.

Watch here to see an overseas vending machine that seemingly was serving cocaine in bags of chips.


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