Raw Footage Of The LA Riots

One of the most memorable events of the ’90s is the LA Riots. In 1992, civil unrest broke out after four LAPD officers were acquitted for the beating of Rodney King, which was caught on tape. In this video, Youtuber Alex Eckelberry shares footage that he got personally during the riots. Eckelberry wrote:

The time when LA went to hell and became a war zone: My raw unedited footage of a few days of the LA Riots in April 1992. Excuse the language – I was a young lad and pretty freaked out. At the time, I lived in the Pico/Robertson area and we were getting the outlying effects of the riots. I got in my car and started shooting video.

Check out the hour of the exclusive footage above.

Watch here to see how two Florida men attempted to burn down a house using spaghetti sauce.

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