Shooter Lets Loose With An Assault Rifle At A Connecticut Deli

Around 10pm Tuesday night police received a call of shots fired at Stratford and Central Avenue in Bridgeport, CT.  When they arrived they found two people shot at the Sunshine Deli, both with non-life threatening injuries.  A short time later police received a call for a person who arrived at St. Vincent’s Hospital shot in the stomach. He arrived in a private vehicle.  Police located high caliber shell casings from 3 different weapons in the street.  About a half hour later police received word from Bridgeport Hospital that two more gunshot victims arrived, their condition is unknown. Stratford Avenue between Bunnel and Central Avenue will be closed  for the police investigation.

Watch a mother and daughter get caught in a wild shootout with an armed robber in an Oklahoma liquor store here.

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  1. Brian Ghilliotti

    I also want to add that despite Connecticut having the toughest laws in the nation, all out banning assault weapons, like the one used in this crime, there has hardly been a dent been made in the pandemic of gun violence experienced in this city and many others throughout the southwestern quarter of the state. I am glad this issue does not affect me, as I do not care about guns, nor do I live in a place where I may need one. I wonder if the store owner would have faced lawsuits or legal charges if they did have a weapon in this case and used it for self protection? Brian Ghilliotti

  2. Brian Ghilliotti

    What were these jokers trying to accomplish? Was this a gang initiation crime? Why don’t the anti second amendment cheerleading squads who want to walk out of schools stage a protest about this? Brian Ghilliotti

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