Take A Look Inside T.I.’s Pop Up Trap Museum In Atlanta

Atlanta rap legend T.I. continues to impress in his storied career. This Sunday (Sept. 30), Tip opened up his pop up Trap Museum, which is dedicated to telling the story of trap music. the museum features exhibits dedicated to himself and other trap artists including Jeezy, Rick Ross and Future. It also has an “Escape The Trap” experience, where visitors have to use clues to get out of the trap house before the cops come. This is all done as T.I. readies his 10th studio album, Dime Trap,  which is slated for release on Friday (October 5).

Read Billboard‘s exclusive interview with T.I. about the Trap Museum and upcoming album here.

Watch here to see the son of a Detroit kingpin speak on being mixed up with his father while carrying $90K on a flight back in the day.

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    F. O. I. GOD’S HELP!

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