‘Tears in the Bayou: The Streets of Houston’ [DOCUMENTARY]

Tears in the Bayou is a documentary by Black King Entertainment that takes you through the madness in the inner-city of Houston, Texas. A tale on how a world-class city with the second most Fortune 500 companies is also one of the notorious cities spiking up the US murder rate. Hear real-life stories of individuals who have survived attempts on their life and left with life long health problems and scars. Hear the stories from parents of some of the 4,194 people who have been murdered in Houston in the last 15 years and see their day-to-day life and how much their lives have changed after losing a child to gun violence. Shooting after shooting non-stop since the 1980s, is there hope for Houston? Or will all the broken families’ tears continue to be just other drops in the Bayou.

Watch here to see how video vixens were making as much as rappers back in the day.

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