The Atlanta Man w/ The Yoppa From Lee St. Gas Station Shooting Speaks Out!! [Video]

If you guys haven’t seen the first video, please check it out. The unnamed Atlanta man who defended himself recently at a Lee St. gas station–with a hand-held chopper–tells his side of the story. Originally I thought it was some sort of long standing beef that spilled over, but from his side of the story, this was a random occurrence.

One man was trying to sell “gas”, and the other already had some. One man took offense and it took off from there.

Watch the original video of the shooting here. 

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  1. Blackjac

    Ya’ll niggas didn’t hit shit he still alive fuck boy! Only person got hit was the one who didn’t have shit to do with it you didn’t kill shit.

  2. Video weak as shyt. Try again

  3. Lmao. Y’all bogus as hell I know this ain’t the same dude that defended himself from ol boy. Video had me crackin up ??

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