The Original 50 Cent; The Brooklyn Legend Who Inspired One Of The Biggest Names In Rap

Kelvin Darnell Martin (July 24, 1964– October 24, 1987), known to the underworld as 50 Cent. The Original 50 Cent: The True Story of The Legend Who Inspired one of The Biggest Name In Rap

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Check out Big Meech’s letter to 50 Cent (the rapper) to make the BMF project.

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  1. The original 50 cent Kelvin Martin aka Sha-meek. He had family in Bed-Sty, On Halsey St between Patchen and Ralph. Pop, Cannon, Belinda and Michelle! When we were kids my brother was fighting Pop and 50 cent threw a bottle and hit my brother Kool in the head leaving a big lump.
    In 1981 on Rikers Island C74 I was 17 and Fifty was 16 we got into so much of trouble on the Island raising hell he went home and I went updtate and Serve 40 months
    when he went home is when he became The Notorious 50 CENT Robbing any and everyone. In The latter part of 1986 while I was once again on Riker Island fighting 2 counts of Murder with nothing to lose 50 cent was home and I use to call him daily, During 1 of our many conversation he came up with a plan where I could have made 250 THOUSAND by making a move against 1 of the heavy mover at the time. 50 was working for the particular individual so as 50 was setting up the move I got my Right hand man at the time ENY LEGEND KING TUT involve to excecute the move the day the move suppose to go into motion 50 got cold feet and change his mind. But he made 1 BIG MISTAKE he made mention of the plot to the heavy mover #1 guy and that is what cost him his life exactly 29 years ago. October 1987
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  2. Thomas Divine williams

    I’m looking at this and I grew up with this dude I’m from the fort he lived two buildings from me y’all didn’t show nobody he actually hung with where’s Tom, Felton his first cronies. He actually was a good dude he played ball crime wasn’t his whole life but he died the way he lived. When became a 5% his name was Divine and he didn’t do it while he was in jail. We all got knowledge of self around the same time. The way he’s being portrayed is he had no respect for anyone he did for old people especially. Talk to people he grew up with. Wow he hung with kills Ben I God they were all short. He was a legend though and he is missed by all those who really knew him.

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