WATCH: $12 Million Cocaine Bust In Chile

We post a lot of stories about major drug bust that occur all over the world. Not always do we provide an image of what that actually looks like. Now, we have come across footage of a live drug bust, involving $12 million in perico.

According to Business Insider, the bust went down in Arica, Chile and was reported Friday:

Three suspected traffickers were arrested, two of whom are confirmed Spanish nationals.

According to officials cited by Reuters, the antinarcotics operation took place in the port city of Arica in northern Chile last Saturday.

The targeted drug gang was reportedly part of an international group of traffickers that was moving drugs from Colombia across South America to a final destination in Europe.

The three men who were arrested, the third of whom was a Colombian national, were detained on charges of possessing more than 632 pounds of cocaine with an estimated street value of over $12 million.

The arrested men will remain in custody while the police carry out a 60-day investigation of the case, after which the suspects are due to face trial.

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