Virginia Police Looking For Man Accused Of Sending THOUSANDS of Unsolicited “Dicktures”

Virginia Police Looking For Man Accused Of Sending THOUSANDS of Unsolicited “Dicktures”

If you are confused by the title, a “dickture” is a term for “dick pic” or a picture taken of a man’s penis. Often on social media, women complain about dudes diving in DM’s with an unsolicited snapshots of his member. Obviously, guys who do this erroneously believe that a woman will be so impressed with what they see that they’ll become interested in him romantically/sexually. In reality, it’s a form of sexual harassment.

Nevertheless, one man in Virginia is a prolific sender of dicktures that nobody asked for.  His name is Jorge Alfredo Cisneros-Jerez. The Hanover County Sheriff’s Office suspects the 42-year-old of sending thousands of photos of his wang to thousands of unsuspecting women throughout the Central Virginia. Text messages are his main mode of harassment, but his actions are more digital flashing than “sexting.” The Hanover County Sheriff wants to bring him in for indecent exposure. Similar charges await him in Ashland. Cisnero-Jerez is also wanted in Richmond (he’s known to frequent South Richmond) for obscene photography, as well as as a charge of “making an obscene or threatening phone call.” In Powhatan, the 5’7″, 160 pound Hispanic male for computer harassment. “A total of 28 incidents that occurred in Chesterfield County between April 2015 and May 2016 have been linked to Jorge A. Cisneros-Jerez,” a Chesterfield Police spokeswoman told WTRV CBS 6. “Chesterfield Police have obtained warrants for Cisneros-Jerez in relation to eight of those incidents; some of the victims did not wish to pursue charges.”

According to the report:

Earlier this month, Richmond Police said they had identified a suspect in the text message case.

In December 2015, we heard from people in Chesterfield, Richmond, and Essex County that they had received a text message from an unidentified man that showed a man’s penis.

In total, more than 16 women and one man contacted us saying they had received the same illicit photo.

The Richmond police have not revealed how many cases Cisneros-Jerez is implicated in, but do not rule out that there could be more charges against him when the full investigation concludes.

Dicktures Camera
Jorge Alfredo Cisneros-Jerez
Dicktures Text
One of the texts.




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