Wayne Perry Speaks!

Wayne Perry Speaks!

Any true connoisseur of street lore knows the name Wayne “Silk” Perry. Perry’s name is synonymous with bloodshed. He very well may be the most notorious gangster to ever walk the streets of Washington, DC. His name was ringing before, but he came to street stardom when he was enlisted by Harlem/DC kingpin-turned-informant Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, executing murders, robberies, drug deals and extortions. It was Alpo’s testimony that took Wayne off the street and placed him behind bars for the rest of his natural life.

Since being locked down, Perry has converted to Islam, and has taken on the name Nkosi Shaka Zulu-El as he serves time in Washington. previously, he was serving time at the ADX Florence Supermax prison alongside Gangster Disciple chieftain Larry Hoover; Afghan national and international heroin trafficker, Haji Bagcho; Gulf Cartel drug smuggler, Juan Garcia Abrego, who was responsible for the importation of thousands of tons of cocaine and marijuana into the United States from Mexico; and prominent Aryan Brotherhood leader, Thomas Silverstein.

Nkosi Shaka Zulu-El, a.k.a. Wayne Perry shared some words with the world from behind the wall, recently. He shared a desire to see violence stopped in the hoods of the United States.

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  1. Richard Jamez

    It’s funny how people use the word “coward” but this man was never ever shot better yet killed. So who is the coward. My only problem with Wayne is that he let that bitch ass nigga Po manipulate him. RIP Fray. Wayne faces his mistakes everyday tho. I hope Allah forgives him and grants him some kind of Peace. I rep DC every where I Go. When it comes to the Drug DC had some of the best do your research

  2. One day will all be in front of the judge know what mistakes no to make and live life !!! And stay out of others business and everything else will be ok

  3. Wayne Perry is not a gangster in the truest sense, gangster have some codes this dude was more like a serial killer & you know he was watching his back bigtime, someone would’ve killed him eventually at the rate he was going.

  4. Joe King from Vally Avenue

    Wayne Perry is a coward who let an out of town rat turn him against his people. How can he be considered a gangster when he killed his child mother. In SE DC hem s a bitch among bitches with no hand fighting skills at all. But nighas gone hetvhus ass in the feds one day.

  5. Nik Gavin

    @ DG (dude who left the first comment) Wayne Perry is a Saint compared to the Americans who kidnapped Africans from their country, brought them to this country which they stole from the indians, turned them to slaves, raped their women, etc. Your ancestors invented Thugs, Gangstas, and Goons.

  6. Can’t believe this magazine would glamorize someone who has no care in the word for taking anyone’s life!! How do you not realize how precious life is. You’re a monster. DonDiva, you should be ashamed of yourself. You would think the CEO of DonDiva has grown up. He hasn’t clearly and still has that mentality. Disgusting.

  7. bb20129970

    Watched a frw docs and have read a few articles regarding the affairs of ALPO Zbut i am not ibn a position to judge as Iam not or ever will be in a position to make a judgement.But WHERE I COME FROM LOYALTY AND TRUST ARE TWO WORDS THAT YOU NEVER TARNNISH. MR PERRY IS as A LADY SAID BEFORE a true man who is to me a hounarable man with strong beliefs in frienship and family,I no what he is doin long bird for is justified but in my opinion he is A TRUE PLAYER THAT was grassed on by a weaker person who in the end was driven by $$signs. THIS IS MY OBSERVATION AND NOT AN OPINION

  8. Yukky nukklz


  9. Christopher Hines El

    Danm slim,
    Brotha just wanted some dollars and a better way…it’s so not worth it….May our creator envoke the creative spirits to reincarnate that man’s soul because he has become full circle in his lessons..he has lived, died, and lived again..
    He has experienced reincarnation of the soul. ..

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