What to avoid talking about on a first date?

What to avoid talking about on a first date?

Coming up with the right topics can be a very complicated thing to do, especially if we are talking about your first date with a potential partner. Not only you will need to show the best version of yourself as possible, look great and have a great hairstyle, you are also required to know what not to talk about on a first date.

You certainly do not want to make yourself look like a creep or emotionally unstable person, most importantly, you do not want to have someone listen about all of your ex problems, family drama, and your own self-pity. Before you jump into a topic without thinking at all, try to think of the things not to say on a first date. What not to talk about on a first date has been a debate for a long time. Continue reading to learn about all of the things you don’t say on a first date, ever!

  1. Please, do not talk about politics!

Yes, everyone talks about politics nowadays but do you really want this to be your topic on a first date? Talking about government and the law is probably not something your date will be interested in, how about you try to talk about your dream vacation or a place you would like to visit in the future? Politics is a somewhat heavy topic for a first date, things could get out of hand and you surely do not want to lose your date just because you have different political opinions!

  1. Your date does not want to know about your ex-boyfriends or girlfriends!

Maybe you do hate your ex and you do not want him or her around, but try not to talk about how awful your ex is. While this might be true in your case, it will still make you look bad and you might come out looking like a rather bitter person. Certainly, do not talk about your exes, they are ex with a reason and there is no reason for you to talk about them at all. Your date will find you boring or they might even think you still care about your ex, you wouldn’t want that, would you?!

  1. Your sexual history does not matter on a first date!

Going on a date with someone for the first time is probably not the best situation to be talking about your sexual history. While this topic might be no harm at all, it might give a wrong opinion to your date. Your sexual history is your personal, private topic, you share these only with people you know well enough.

  1. Never talk about your family drama!

Maybe your family is not as perfect as a person would like to imagine, but there is no reason for you to bring it up all the time. If you did have an abusive father or an alcoholic mother, that is sad, but it is not something to talk about on a first date. Talking about family drama will most likely turn your first date into a therapy session. You might have had a bad childhood, but instead of talking about all that bad, show off some of the great things you have done or still do!

  1. No one cares about your future marriage plans!

Maybe you are mature enough and you are truly ready to have kids and get married, but have you thought your date might not have these things on their mind? Talking about marriage on a first date is something you want to avoid at all cost, your date might get scared away or turn thinking you are desperate.

  1. Quit talking only about yourself all the time!

Yes, your date might like you and they are interested in you as a person, but quit talking about yourself all the time. Make sure you have first date questions to ask, show that you are also interested, this date is not your own date, it includes the two of you!

  1. Religion is not something to talk about on a first date!

Religion might be an interesting topic that can last for hours, but it is probably not a topic to talk about on your first date. It does not really matter whether your date is religious or not, talking about religion might easily turn into a debate and things could get too heated, out of control. Many people take religion to be a very personal thing, try to save up some of your opinions for another time.

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