#WhitePrivilegeMeans: No Jail For Mom For Game Of Drunk Naked Twister With Teens

White privilege is something else, especially on a legal level. Recently, it has saved rapists and killers from true punishment. Rachel Lynn Lehnardt recently found out just how real white privilege is, when she was spared jail time after contributing to the corruption of a number of teenagers at her home.

It is every child’s dream to have a parent that allows them to let loose. These parents do exist. Some even take things a step further and “get it in” with their kids and their kids’ friends. The definition of “getting it in” varies from person to person, but some parents cross the line and break the law.  Lehnardt, 35, is one of these parents. One drunken night, she hosted a party for her 16-year-old daughter and her teenage friends, allowing the children to drink booze and smoke weed. Furthermore, Lehnardt participated in a game of naked Twister with the teens and took a bubble bath with a few of them. If that wasn’t enough, she had sex with an 18-year-old and was sexually assaulted by her passed out daughter’s pubescent boyfriend.

According to Death & Taxes:

The Daily Mail reported that, in the wake of the disastrous party, Lehnardt lost custody of her five children and started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Lehnardt then told her AA sponsor about the party, who in turn snitched to the police. According to a statement from her lawyer issued to Augusta Crime, the Evans, Georgia, resident was a Mormon who completely abstained from alcohol until her divorce in 2014.

According to WJBF, Lehnardt’s sentence consists of 12 months probation and $100 fine for each count of contributing delinquency of a minor, which comes to a grand total of six years probation and a $600 fine. She’s also required to undergo mandatory drug testing and treatment.

“Mrs. Lehnardt has recommitted herself to her faith and her family,” said Lehnardt’s lawyer.

In recent years, Black mothers have been convicted on charges for leaving a child in the car while going on a job interview. Others have been charged for lying about their child’s address for them to attend better schools. Must be nice to be White.

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