Wisconsin Woman Caught With $6,000 Worth Of Drugs Stashed In Her Vagina

Wisconsin Woman Caught With $6,000 Worth Of Drugs Stashed In Her Vagina

A drug mule will do anything they can to make sure that packages make it from point A to point B undetected. Many mules decide to conceal the drugs they’re carrying by putting them inside their bodies. While some swallow the drugs, women have a natural stash spot, the vagina, that they will use. Unfortunately for one Wisconsin woman attempting this method, the cops were on to her.

According to the Huffington Post, 20-year-old Desiree Webster was in her 1997 Monte Carlo when she was pulled over by the police, who had gotten a tip that she was moving heroin, cocaine, marijuana, meth and other drugs. In the passenger seat was her friend and convicted drug dealer, 39-year-old Jaral McCollum. A K9 unit was brought out to inspect the vehicle and the dog’s nose picked up on a scent on the driver’s seat where Webster had been sitting.

According to police, it is common for McCollum to travel with a woman, so she could hide any drugs into her vagina if cops pulled them over. After police performed a strip search on Webster and found nothing, the cops were still determined and a CT scan of her pelvic region was ordered. The scan revealed a fist-sized plastic bag inside of the woman. According to the The Mirror, a nurse removed the bag and cops found an array of drugs inside of it. The haul broke down into 36.67 grams of coke, 14.72 grams of meth, 27.8 grams of synthetic weed, six Molly pills and a little more than a gram of real weed. The stash is estimated to be worth $6,163. Medical professionals on the scene said that if the bag had ruptured inside of Webster, she would have died.

Webster was smacked with six felony counts, including two counts of THC possession, possession with intent to deliver cocaine and possession with intent to deliver meth. Additionally, she caught eight counts felony bail jumping, which stems from an earlier felony case that is pending.

McCollum was also charged. His four felony counts include possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession with intent to deliver meth and possession with intent to deliver synthetic cannabinoids.

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